Things that are making your internet slower

PTCL Speed Test

Has it ever taken a huge amount of time to load your email? Has it ever taken ages for you to log in to your Facebook account? Well, sounds to me like you’re having internet trouble. We live in a world that is run completely by the internet and you need to make sure you are connected to the internet at all times for staying updated to your social circle. But hey, aren’t you paying for a fast internet connection? Then what’s been sucking all the internet speed? Let us have a look.

PTCL Speed Test

Hacked Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for us to power our devices. Without a stable internet connection, our smartphones, smart watches, tablets, smart TVs and much more are merely worthless. Check your internet speed with the help of any great tool on the internet and find out what’s been the real issue, the whole time. Some companies provide these internet speed checking tools by themselves for their customers. The PTCL Speed Test is a great example of that. If you see the exact same speed on the test that you’re paying for, there is a huge chance someone is using your Wi-Fi illegally.


Have you ever seen that ad on the internet that keeps popping up and telling you to ‘Click here? You’ve won a million dollars.’? Well, that’s basically a baiting ad that makes you click to download a piece of malicious software that installs on its own and keeps an eye on your data. Adware almost always uses an internet connection to fulfill its purposes and this is one of the many things that have been feeding off of your internet speed.

Faulty Router or Modem

Sometimes it’s not the internet connection which is at fault; it’s the device that transmits it to you. Routers and modems are devices that we barely care about until we start seeing glitches in the internet connection. Sometimes internet malfunctions or a hardware issues makes the modem or router faulty. This ends up with you and bad internet speed. Replace the Router or Modem to fix the issue easily.