Are we celebrating a birthday in a limousine?

Your friend celebrates his birthday and you want to give him something special for his birthday? What if you rent a limousine and make you feel a celebrity toasting with cava while you take a walk in the most beautiful corners of Melbourne? The fun is assured and he or she will be left speechless. For this we makes you a selection of companies that offer this type of services. Keep reading and discover everything you have to do to celebrate a birthday in Melbourne in a limousine .


Rent a limousine Melbourne

Are we celebrating a birthday in a limousine?

  • Limousines Melbourne

Limos Melbourne offers us a unique birthday pack which includes the birthday pickup in the direction you indicate, the route for Melbourne that we want (in case you do not have one chosen will take us for what they consider happening for the best Corners of the city), several stops to take photos and a mini bar with two bottles of champagne, beers and snacks. Also, they let you bring your own music and help you organize your birthday dinner. What more could you want? However, the published tariff would correspond to the price set from Sunday to Thursday. If you want to rent it over the weekend you will have to contact them and ask how much it would cost.

  • Rent Limos

Another option is to rent a limusion to leave us at the door of the disco after a copious dinner. In the limos usually they fit about twelve people and within the price of the rent they include two bottles of champagne, one of whiskey, another one of vodka, soft drinks, juice, water and chocolates. Their rates on their part are similar. So from Sunday to Thursday we will more an hour but if we enjoy it during the weekend the price will rise.

Are we celebrating a birthday in a limousine?

Go to the nightclub in limousine

  • Cumple Party

Also, with CumpleParty we have the possibility to rent several types of limousine: either a lincoln or a hummer, they can be white or black. The difference is that lincoln is less crowded, about eight. Of course, both have luxurious details that will make us feel like queens. Do you like the idea? Ask for a quote on their website and book your limousine in Melbourne.

Finally, to follow the party, we recommend this article where we talk about the best places in Melbourne where to celebrate a birthday. This will make you feel the most special person in the world and you will never forget this birthday. What a delight to add years to this way! Encourage you, it is a unique experience that you have to live at least once in your life.For more information please visit



Mathematics do not fail: 70% of the businesses that have a mentor survive twice as long as those who do not have a mentor. Incubators and accelerators have mentors for a good reason. And if it is so important why is not provided to find a coach to every entrepreneur?Haha, that would want to know me! In fact, in the business plan rarely leave a game of budget to recruit mentors and, however, it should be something almost mandatory to increase the chances of success of your business. As they say, white and bottle… Let’s see, if having a mentor is one of the ingredients of success, I say that we will have to facilitate to the greatest number of entrepreneurs to benefit from a mentor. Normally to the entrepreneurial forms and the direction of the Treasury provided him to pay taxes. But rarely someone asks him if he has validated his idea, if you have a business model, if it is clear how it will make money and much less send it to the street to seek their first 3 customers before you start moving papers, creating the website and business cards.

We are known for the phrase “Business Mentors Melbourne” or literally “salt of the building” with the idea that you validate your business idea before creating anything. I you would say in addition…” Look for a mentor”! or more precisely “hit the streets at once, and look for a mentor”. Why?

Having someone more expert at your side which has already sailed the same waters that your browse can accelerate your results exponentially avoiding numerous headaches. You can make serious mistakes by inexperience and wrong decisions can ruin you life. You can sign a Covenant of partners wrong, can terminate debt or lose all your capital staying without opportunity to bounce and move forward.

Manage a business both at the beginning and in the phases of growth is a very lonely and misunderstood task that may affect your relationship with partner, family or friends. Having a mentor at your side keeps you sane and motivated to have clarity and focus on what’s truly important. I am convinced that in time, especially at the start of a business, having a mentor will be something as natural as having a mobile phone. The only problem sometimes is that, out of incubators, accelerators, etc. programs, it is not evident to give with a mentor of business that have real experience in the area that need and have the right personal skills.

In spite of this, you can find your mentor if you know how to find it. That Yes, you should take no the process lightly. It is a matter of common sense: Define in advance what you need and what you are looking for Be clear what ask your mentor Choose the most suitable mentor for you that you hook up really. Note clearly the objectives and expectations. Remember that your agenda is complex and its time is limited Do not be angry if they say not already that not everyone will be able to assist you. Once you have this clear, you will be easier to put “radar” and be aware of to detect possible ideal mentors. You then give 7 ideas to find your ideal mentor:


Often you can find excellent mentors within your family or close friends, people who may have more experience than you or learn more about a sector or situation in particular because they have gone for it. You can also send a message to your network of contacts, proposing the idea and see if you connect with someone right for you and your needs.


You can use social networks like Twitter or LinkedIn to find your ideal mentor. Idea: contact with other professionals and entrepreneurs who you admire and ask them advice, normally nobody takes it to bad but quite the opposite.


Read journals and select professionals with them that they better connect or of which they learn more. Not only you learn with them to read them, see them or hear them – which comes to be a mentoring “indirect” – but, sometimes, you can contact them and according to the professional you can discover that they will be happy to dedicate a few hours of your time.


You have not always close to a possible mentor to hit the streets and open up to new possibilities. Contact your Town Hall, Center of entrepreneurs or Chamber of Commerce. Do the same with your industry-related initiatives. It analyzes business at the local level to identify potential mentors. Once you have a selection contact each, please contact interested you in any of your own projects or interests and asking if you could ask some questions by phone, skype, email or even invite you for a coffee or a meal.


Sometimes, your own sector can be your ally. For example, you can consider to contact the person in charge of a company larger than yours, in which case you usually not be perceived as a competitor, and suggest to exchange experiences, ideas or simply ask him for advice. The key is to have no shame to call or send an email to the person that interests us. 6 CREATES A “MASTERMIND” GROUP Creates a group (person u online) with other entrepreneurs in your same phase of development and even to invite entrepreneurs more experts can provide you with valuable experiences and avoid mistakes. It can be as simple as stay for a coffee with another entrepreneur etc, actually helps me, and I think that openly sharing challenges, problems and solutions is positive because we help each other and learn.


Hire a professional business mentor is probably one of the best investments you can make. It will help you accelerate your results and get your goals before. At the beginning we all think that we can learn by ourselves and hear messages that entrepreneurship is easy or that succeed on the internet is a matter of magic tricks. Invest Ina professional business mentor will help you accelerate learning and advance more quickly making less mistakes. The moral of this story is that, over time, I have realized that the cheap is expensive and the unconscious ignorance has no limits… like trying to run an online store in month without investing in advertising, SEO, etc. Only with the passage of time we realize the terrible things we have done. That said, do not pretend to know it all or do it all by yourself and ask for help if you need it. Remember that the best technology is common sense. By being the first to have me wrong, today did not stop insisting on the important thing is to have a mentor (or several) to time undertake a project perhaps small, large, or medium.

Vintage Engagement Rings Are Extremely Stylish


It appears that there are numerous components of mold making a “rebound” nowadays, and vintage wedding bands are certainly a piece of that pattern. The reason that vintage styles return is that they speak to a work of art and immortal look, which will dependably have a place in design. This applies actually to why vintage wedding bands are to a great degree a la mode and particularly in vogue, the same number of couples of any age are exploiting the chance to symbolize their responsibilities with an exquisite and exemplary ring.


One motivation behind why many couples love these immortal wedding bands is that they give a decent incentive to the cash you spend. The craftsmanship that was utilized when vintage custom engagement rings were being made is second-to-none, and implies that a vintage wedding band is an incredible decision to demonstrate your deep rooted responsibility to someone else. These rings were likewise made with enough quality to end up distinctly trustworthy family treasures that can be appreciated for eras to come.


Since precious stones were mounted diversely in vintage style rings, the presence of the jewel itself can frequently look bigger than it really is which permits purchasers on a financial plan to have a wonderful and noteworthy looking ring. Additionally, in the event that you incline toward a rounder, more exemplary slice to your precious stone, you will find that vintage rings give that kind of a look, which effectively appears differently in relation to the rakish, strongly cut jewels that are delivered by lasers today.


At last, there is a sure measure of assortment with more established wedding bands that essentially can’t be found in today’s offerings. On the off chance that you have made a few treks to neighborhood adornments stores, just to find that there is by all accounts nothing for you, you may think that it’s invigorating to see the assortment of precious stone hues, cuts, mounts and styles that vintage wedding bands bring to the table. These are only a couple of the many convincing reasons that are driving couples towards antique engagement rings instead of present day ones. In the event that you need to have a ring that splendidly symbolizes the immortality of a deep rooted duty, you may find that a vintage model is your most logical option.


Top Rated Flat Irons

The best flat irons that users rave about online are mostly: that the product is easy to use, it is quick heating, and it can keep hair smooth all day. These models have features that make them worth the money, and give the users ease of function with its ergonomic designs and high-grade materials. From pro-level flat irons to affordable buys for your personal use, there are a lot of models that will fit your needs.

Here, we share a few flat iron models that could be the perfect one for you and your hair. See which ones will suit your budget and styling requirements, and find out what other users think of them, too.

Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the most popular top rated flat irons is this model from Izunami. Loved by both pros and women who have it for personal use, the Izunami 450 is packed with features that make it a great buy. It has multiple heat settings, which heats the flat iron up to 450F quick. The device beeps twice once it is ready for use. The ceramic plates distribute heat evenly throughout the surface.

The Izunami 450 also goes on sleep mode when it’s been left unused for half an hour, with a blinking LED light and a beeping sound to remind the user that it is turned on. Besides straightening and styling, you can also use this model for keratin treatments. With all of these great features and functions, no wonder the Izunami 450 is a favorite among users. You are sure to get your money’s worth and more with this one.

HSI TheStyler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron 1”

From one of the most popular brands that produce top rated flat irons comes this model that will suit different hair types. This ceramic tourmaline flat iron has adjustable temperature from 240 to 410F, and the material allows the plates to keep the hair silky and shiny throughout the day. The 1” width also makes it perfect for use for both the hair and the bangs, so you can maintain the stylishness you desire for your look.

With the quick-heating plates and swivel cords that make it easy to use, you will have no problem styling your hair even when you’re on the go. Everything will be within your reach and you don’t have to worry about messing your hair up as you work. The even temperature and the lightweight design make this piece from the brand HSI TheStyler one of the handiest models today.

Ceramic Tools CT2555 1″ Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

Those who have specific requirements for their flat irons would love this model. One of the top ones based on user reviews; the Ceramic Tools Professional model works great with thick and unruly hair. You will no longer have trouble styling and straightening hair the way you want to. This model will do wonders for you.

More than straightening out your hair, the Ceramic Tools Professional model will make it look healthier and smoother, too. Its quick-heating plates with multiple heat settings make it great for styling and straightening. It also has a slim frame and soft grip which make it easier to use. As far as top rated flat irons go, this is one of the best bets.