Baked Chestnuts



1.5kg  chestnuts

500g  coarse salt,butter


Heat the oven to 220 degrees.

Wash the chestnuts and dry them in a clean tea towel.

Cut a small cross in the top of the chestnuts and place them in a baking dish filled with salt.

Bake them in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until they open.

Serve them with cold butter.There are so many people who ask one question that how to make KFC chicken batter in home well they can easily find answer in My Pk World.

List of Free Online Games for PC Users – FullyPCGames

Mostly we see games on the internet which are meant to be played by boys. But there is good news for girls as well. Different websites are on the internet are loaded with tons of video games for girls as well. Games for girls mostly involve cooking, Barbie games, dressing games and adventure games. There are thousands of free online games for girls over the internet. We will discuss most playable online games for girls which are worth playing. For PC Games, FullyPCGames


This game gives the girls access to the 5 most favorite girl characters like Cinderella, Snow-white, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine. You have to find differences in pictures given to you on the game screen with the help of your mouse button. Each picture has five differences and you have to uncover all of them in each level. When player clicks on the right point she gets points for it and negative point if clicked on the wrong place. You can score a total of 5000 points in this game. You have to beat the time in each level so be quick. Online Games Addicting Games

Barbie Fashion Point

We know girls love to dress up their dolls. You will love Barbie Fashion Point which gives you plenty of dresses to dress up your favorite Barbie doll. You will get access to lot of clothes, attractive heels and earrings in this game.

Christmas Star

Christmas Star is the type of hidden object game. In this game you have will visit the homes at the Christmas and let them decorate their houses at this beautiful event. You have to help people to find missing objects like star which adds more beauty to a Christmas tree.

Most of the girls spend their time in makeover at saloon and spa. Same you have to do in this wonderful game. But this time you have to makeover the famous character from the movie “Frozen” named Elsa. Elsa is a very beautiful girl and she takes very care of her skin. As Christmas is coming in the town and Elsa is busy in different type of festival. She is worried what products to use and which clothes to wear on this event. Help Elsa in doing her makeover for the Christmas so that she looks pretty than ever.

Mafia Girl Action

We know that girls mostly love the action games. But when they play this game they will not take their hands of it. You have to run the car with gun in your hand and fight the enemies that come in your way. One of the best free online games for girls you will ever find on the internet.

Do you like to travel

Most people at some time in their life will head off on a journey to experience different places around the world. They will travel to many different types of locations and experience all different types of cultures. Lets face it, we all know somebody that enjoys traveling whether it be in the own country or around the world. It really isn’t surprising to note that the Travel Industry is by far the largest online industry in the world today.

Vacation Clubs


So how often do you enjoy a holiday? Many of you will probably answer that by saying ‘not often enough’. Unfortunately for a lot of people they either can’t afford to travel as much as they would like or they do not have the time to do it. Well all that is starting to change. Holidays are now starting to become more affordable for a lot of people. A lot of the big players in the travel industry are now realizing that due to the economic situation around the world, the industry as a whole is suffering. So many of them are starting to lower the prices and make it even more affordable for the average person to travel.

Also today, there are a number of Vacation Clubs available for people to join. These clubs offer great discounted holidays to their members, at prices that most people could never imagine. Just imagine how much more you could travel if you could get accommodation for less than $50 per night. Sounds crazy, but these are the types of deals that the vacation clubs are offering to their members. Now I know you may be thinking that these low prices are only available at a few 1 or 2 star places. What if I said that you can get these offers at 4 or 5 star establishments. Would you believe that?

What if I told you that these deals are not only for accommodation? Throw in some amazing deals on airfares, cruises, car rental, excursions, group tours and so much more. It really is a smart choice for anybody who enjoys traveling. Who knows, with these great deals that are available through the vacation clubs you might even choose to stay on holidays for longer, or even enjoy more holidays per year. Start thinking about all the wonderful places you could enjoy if you took more holidays per year than what you currently do now.

One of the best vacation clubs available today is Resorts360. Not only do they offer their members amazing deals such as the prices mentioned above, they also offer such other things as rewards points and even a home based business opportunity. Would you like the opportunity to not only enjoy more holidays, but to be able to generate an income from anywhere in the world at the same time? I bet you would. That is why Resorts360 has been one of Inc.500’s fastest growing companies for the past 2 years. No matter where you are in the world, or even if you are at home or on holidays, your Resorts360 home based business can still generate an income for you.

So isn’t it time you started thinking about what you want in life? More importantly about the places you would like to visit? The time has come for you to be able to experience all of those things that you have wished for your entire life. Just imagine generating enough income to replace that of your job just by enjoying to travel the world. After all it is something that you do anyway, why not turn it into an income for you and your family and enjoy the other benefits at the same time.

Remember Loved Ones Lost With Jewelry Made From Cremation Ashes

If the title of the article seems a bit confusing or unclear? But it is true and very real in today’s world. In this article, the discussion is about this technology to produce jewelry, or more specifically, diamond crystals left after the creation of a corpse. It can serve as a reminder to preserve the memories of their loved ones after their death.

Cremation as we all know is the process of burning their relatives to convert them to a form of fly ash. These are the cremated ashes then transformed into elegant diamond crystal to act as jeweler and souvenirs to remember lost loved ones. This is a new technology on the market, and a serious option for all common memories that we see or use. It quickly replaced the old traditions for recording images or similar objects to remember your loss of a loved one.

The ashes of diamond transformation process are a very complex process that has evolved from very simple and basic concepts. The only fundamental thing that happens in the process is the conversion of coal to the beautiful and brilliant diamond crystals. It is well known that memorial diamonds from cremation ashes are actually another form of carbon, although it seems to be. It refers to a chemical industry or field called allotropic. We also know that cremation ash also contains a decent amount of carbon in combination with other elements.

In the manufacture of jewelry cremation, the carbon content in the ash diamond shape cremation through a series of complex chemical reactions and processes. They are highly exothermic reaction and time and can only be made in suitable media. Therefore, a prerequisite for this great experience, plant equipped with all facilities. The resulting diamond crystal to undergo a deep cleaning cycle to distinguish it from all kinds of impurities or elements that can affect their properties.

Cremation diamonds can be very expensive price alone affected. Taking into account all the factors that will surely come to the conclusion that means the total value of the money you pay. We are all aware of all the long and complicated procedures performed in the production of these crystals. These diamond crystals were a very emotional and sentimental. This has much more value than what you can buy in your life. Visit Wikipedia.

These diamonds are best acquired through the Internet. A better buy is characterized by the quality of the products purchased, product price, and finally, how the product is worth the money you pay. You can access offers and promotions on the best diamond jewelry cremation quality of many websites available on the internet. Via the Internet, you can get a large number of companies worldwide. This leads to increased competition that still benefit us more customers with better deals and offers.