How To Improve Google Search Position with SEO For Multiple Keywords

How to put Google search position for long tail keywords, and do it really really fast with no fancy living things or anything like that .We can do that Kentucky work ,I will pop in to Kim Ward weight loss for women so as you can see here and it’s been disabled my personal result then as you can see here we have a bunch, of different website ranking “on top of the Google here .Then we have some use a listing here right and also we have some video listings right . That’s basically what ,we get for this on your keyboard on PC or console back window and we’ll do it we’ll work on this entire page to find out where.
It is right now as you can see we have a couple of highlights, of places here and let me explain what you need to take, away from them as you can see. If you was the first results here right now let’s see we have one two three four five six first six result they do not have this in title or description at all they are thinking because “of the content on their side facing the door all the title is this this one right so you can see weight loss for women. To have it in the title they don’t have it and description this doesn’t count the sporting news results right . We have one guy who put it in the video title and I don’t know why they put it here this Arrow, it just doesn’t really it’s not necessary here right .They put it also here right in destruction right so the only way to do that brings here on the first page because: they didn’t these two things now what you need to understand from this is that, when they can pay you probably on that page: for number of key words right .
I have one when you can I have a video called how to get 50 rankings in Google from a single article and this explains how you :can play the content that rankings. For ton of keywords right now when you do that you actually look weight, loss for women, and I can even search for example something like weight loss for women. Over 40 right so we’ll just do that over 40 right now if I type in what’s look here right over 45 would be pretty much are targeting On Page SEO Course right weight loss without diet for women -over 40 weight loss over 40. There is no specific exact words that you could talk right to let me show you how you need to look at this. how we need to construct “the title and description in order to improve rankings, for Yorkie weight loss weight loss for women permanent weight loss description will be so this is a title.
I will put this so you can understand and description will be something, like that sweet we stroll down and we see” other keywords here . We want include weight loss for women key word in there in the description and also we wanted long tail keywords and when you turn the page when you look the same as the tools trust emo or your Google analytics, account you will see exactly which keywords your page “and you need to use those keywords and description to quickly come up with description .
I will explain what I did so right now weight loss tips for women fight this is the key word here .I’m including two keywords in description and sometimes you would include even three keywords in description but you need to make sure that this feels really good to the text is really good at it so just keep working or ,something like that. He don’t want to do that but you just wanted to text for really good and in the same type” of specific exact words in the description and title and that will significantly, improve your Google search position at the same time.